SVP Evaluations

KCFP, LLC conducts Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Evaluations pursuant to §37.2-900 to determine whether or not a respondent meets the statutory definition in order to be deemed an SVP. According to §37.2-900, a “Sexually Violent Predator” means any person who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense or has been charged with a sexually violent offense and is unrestorably incompetent to stand trial and because of a mental abnormality or personality disorder, he finds it difficult to control his predatory behavior, which makes him likely to engage in sexually violent acts.

KCFP, LLC conducts Annual Review (AR) Evaluations for those who have been found to be a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) by the Court. AR evaluations are undertaken pursuant to §37.2-910 at the request of the Respondent to determine if he continues to require inpatient treatment as a Sexually Violent Predator. The questions to be answered by the evaluation are as follows:

a. Per §37.2-910(c), the respondent must “remain a sexually violent predator” in order to remain in the custody of the Commissioner for secure inpatient hospitalization and treatment or he must be conditionally released.

b. Per §37.2-912, the respondent shall be placed on conditional release if (i) he does not need secure inpatient treatment but needs outpatient treatment or monitoring to prevent his condition from deteriorating to a degree that he would need secure inpatient treatment; (ii) appropriate outpatient supervision and treatment are reasonably available; (iii) there is significant reason to believe that the respondent, if conditionally released, would comply with the conditions specified; and (iv) conditional release will not present an undue risk to public safety.